Magazinul are:

Adeziv Gresie / Piatra Naturala - Weber Set.Portelanat Max²

NEW adhesive with “No Dust” technology, specially created for natural stone (marble, travertine, granite) and porcelain hone.

Adeziv Marmura si Granit - Weber Marmo Plus 25kg

Weber Marmo Plus is the number 1 adhesive for any natural stone: marble, granite, slate etc. This white colored semi-professional adhesive can be used in all types of arrangements, both interior and exterior. It can also be easily applied on almost all su

Adeziv ardezie flexibila - Soudal FIX ALL - 290ml

Extremely durable adhesive with elastic sealing rubber based on SMX hybrid polymers with very powerful adherence (high initial jointing resistance).

Adeziv ardezie flexibila - Soudal FIX ALL - 4 kg

Adeziv ardezie flexibila - Soudal FIX ALL - 4 kg

Adeziv flexibil pentru sisteme de izolatie termica-Weber P50

The Weber P50 flexible adhesive made for thermal insulation systems is used for fixing and reinforcing polystyrene foam tiles, graphite polystyrene, extruded polystyrene and mineral foam (basaltic). It can be installed on all conventional surfaces such as

Adeziv pentru sisteme de izolatie termica - Weber P40 max

This thermal insulation systems adhesive, the Weber P40 max² is used for bonding and reinforcement of polystyrene foam, polystyrene graphite and mineral wool (basalt).

Adeziv piatra naturala - Weber Set.Stone 25kg

The Weber Set.Stone natural stone adhesive is usually used for fixing rock, ornamental brick, ceramic pieces and similar construction materials with medium and high absorption levels, both in the case of interior and exterior works. It is recommended for

Adeziv polistiren expandat - Weber P37 25kg

Weber P37 is the number 1 product for gluing expanded polystyrene.

Adeziv profesional - Weber Set Superflex Max² 25kg

Weber.Set Superflex is a flexible adhesive which can be applied on thin cement-based supporting layers.

Mortar de zidarie - Weber KL15 -30kg

The Weber KL15 mortar is used to create brickworks, offering high resistance to compression and optimum time correction.